About ELSA Training

ELSA Training

ELSA Training is a project through which ELSA  contributes to the personal and professional development of law students and young lawyers that aims to develop the skills and knowledge of ELSA members.

ELSA Training promotes the organisation of sessions delivered by trainers who aim at enhancing the soft skills of the participants.

The concept of ELSA Training was introduced in 1991.

If there is anything a law student needs during their studies, it is soft skills. ELSA Training is not only for ELSA officers but also for all members that would like to enhance their knowledge, gain new skills and learn how to become the best candidates for their future employer. The skills I have obtained within ELSA events and training sessions during my studies helped me develop more, both personally and professionally. ELSA trainers are there to support the ELSA Network; therefore, apply for a training session and use this unique opportunity to grow.
Mirko Djukovic

ITP Trainer, Vice President in charge of Student Trainee Exchange Programme of ELSA International 2009/2010
Types of ELSA Training

Soft Skills Training that aims to develop the interpersonal attributes of an individual.

Officers’ Training that aims to develop knowledge of ELSA members about the association.

As an ITP Trainer, I have the privilege to get to help ELSA members discover their own potential and abilities. In a training session, we leave the classic teacher-student approach in order to focus on mutual development. A training should help you find new paths and ways of thinking to make you better prepared for your work in ELSA as well as your personal and professional life.
Jenny Hjalmarson

ITP Trainer
International Trainers' Pool

The International Trainers’ Pool (ITP) is the main training body of the European Law Students’ Association (ELSA) and is administered by the International Board of ELSA.