Weronika Bańska

Weronika Bańska


Short description: Weronika is a recent graduate of law at the University of Wroclaw, Poland and she associates her professional future with litigation. At ELSA, she spent 5 active years organising projects, managing teams and developing the organisational structure at all 3 levels. With such a diverse experience, she is currently an active Alumna of her National Group, ELSA Poland. Privately, she is a great fan of Bayern Munich, good cuisine and dancing, although professional wedding planning is one of her greatest dreams.


ELSA experience: In terms of positions mostly related to S&C and BEE. VP S&C of ELSA Wrocław (2017/2018), President of ELSA Wrocław (2018/2019), President of ELSA Poland (2019/2020), President of the IB (2020/2021). Generally speaking, Weronika has organised or co-organised projects from all areas, created my own initiatives. Additionally, thanks to the positions she has held, she has significant experience in strategic planning, external relations and team management.


Nationality: Polish


Place of residence: Warsaw, Poland


Language skills:
Polish – C2,
English – C2,


Available sessions


Soft Skills Training:
Leadership Skills
Public Speaking
Strategic Planning
External Relations


Officers’ Training:
One Year Operational Plan (OYOP)
Mid-OYOP Evaluation
Strategic Planning in ELSA
General ELSA Knowledge
External Relations
Board Management


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